I started using makeup when I was 9 years old. I remember, sneaking over to my childhood friends house in the mornings before school, to borrow their makeup. My passion for makeup is grounded in a love I’ve always had for Barbie. I loved playing with the doll, to dress her up and do her hair, was a magical bliss for me and I was so inspired by her makeup, so I would try to recreate the looks on myself.

Whilst i grew i experimented with many different makeup-products and brands. This is what ultimately helped me navigate the beauty world.

In my spare time I spent so much time practicing on all my friends and my older sister. When I started to feel a bit more confident in my makeup skills and techniques, I decided to take a private makeup-artist course. 


I’ve worked as a makeup artist, counter manager and store manager for several beauty brands. My responsibilities were amongst others to sort through hundreds of products to find the best quality on the market. My wish was always to find and use the best quality, which in the end led me to start my very own beauty brand: 

Noele Beauty.

It’s important to me to provide something for everyone, without compromising on the quality and durability of the products.

Much love,

Founder of Noele Beauty