5D Luxury Faux Mink Lashes

Our vegan 5D Faux Mink Lashes using only the highest quality of luxury synthetic fibers, allow you to create the most natural, feather-like lashes as if they were your own.

The lashes are handmade in 5D effect. The beautiful wispy and fluffy hairs give a lot of volume for an elegant and dramatic look, while the many layers create a delicate dimension for the eye.
Our goal is to have quality lashes for all occasions, from everyday to more intense evening look.

All our lashes are designed completely uniquely so there is something for everyone. Comes in 9 delicious styles. Our handmade lashes are made from the highest quality of soft cotton ribbon. Can be used up to 15-20 times, with the right care. As the lashes are not machine-made, the sets may not be exactly the same every time.